Q: Are you guys gonna edit / editing <insert arc here>?
A: Take a look at the Watch page to see what arcs we’ve done so far. The one marked Incomplete are still in progress and not done yet. For arcs not yet started, we can’t make any promises but arcs we want to complete that we haven’t yet started are (In listed priority):
* Marineford
* Water 7

Q: Some chapters in between are missing… what about those?
A: We don’t work in sequential order but rather prioritize the arcs that need the re-editing the most, and the arcs we think would be fun to edit. Most of the stuff in for example East Blue is fine pacing-wise but maybe needs some scene re-ordering and other minor stuff, so it’s not highly prioritized.

Q: What editing software are you using?
A: Vegas Pro 14.0.