What is One Pace?

One Pace is a fan project that recuts the One Piece anime in an endeavor to bring it more in line with the pacing of the original manga by Eiichiro Oda. The team accomplishes this by removing filler scenes not present in the source material, fixing animation errors and correcting subtitles. This process requires meticulous editing and quality control to ensure seamless music and transitions.

As a result, One Pace is over 40% faster to watch compared to the original One Piece anime, while retaining the entire canon. That's over 9000 minutes (150+ hours) saved!

How to Watch

We have hundreds of episodes on our Watch page to download and stream. Please see the #frequently-asked-questions Discord channel for detailed instructions about watching them on your device.

When will my favorite arc/episode be released?

We work on One Pace out of passion in our spare time. Episodes are released after thorough video editing, timing, translation, and quality checking. Therefore, asking for episodes is likely to slow down the release process. However, different team members are working on different arcs simultaneously, so your favorite episode might be closer than you think!

How to Contribute

We are looking for Japanese-to-English translators, quality checkers, and timers for the video editing portion of the project. In addition, we are looking for web developers with TypeScript and Next.js experience, illustrators, and English translators for the website.