Welcome to the One Pace website!

What is One Pace?

One Pace is a fan project that recuts the One Piece anime in an endeavor to bring it more in line with the pacing of the original manga by Eiichiro Oda. The team accomplishes this by removing filler scenes not present in the source material. This process requires meticulous editing and quality control to ensure seamless music and transitions.

How to Watch One Pace

We have more than 380 episodes on our Watch page to download. Please see the #frequently-asked-questions channel in our Discord guild for detailed instructions about watching them on your device.

About the New Website

The new One Pace website was remade from scratch in late 2019 to support our rapidly growing international community better. It took over two and a half years to develop and features an all-new navigation experience with detailed arc and episode information, hundreds of new images, and support for several languages. In addition, we have ambitious plans to evolve the website even further, focusing on reaching a wider audience.

How to Contribute

We are looking for Japanese-to-English translators, quality checkers, and timers for the video editing portion of the project. In addition, we are looking for web developers with Typescript and NextJS experience, illustrators, and English translators for the website.

Please sign up in our #recruitment Discord channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch One Piece faster?

Watch One Pace! One Pace is 45% faster to watch compared to the original One Piece anime. That's more than 137 hours saved!

When will x arc or episode be released?

In our spare time, we work on One Pace out of passion and not for profit. We release episodes after thorough video editing, timing, translation, and quality checking. Therefore, asking for episodes is likely to slow down the release process.

Who is working on which arc, and how far along are they?

We maintain an overview Google document that breaks down our fan project in its current state.

Check #frequently-asked-questions in our Discord guild to find more answers to your questions.