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Zou 04

You’ve gotta feel bad for the Minks, who were forced to battle through four episodes of Toei padding.

Dressrosa 32

A sad flashback continues.

Dressrosa 31

We apologize for the delay. Hurricane Matthew gave us all a case of “Toei-itis”. Our work pace decreased as a result. This begins the Corazon-Law flashback. The episodes will likely be slightly longer for the next 3 Dressrosa releases because of the increased dialogue content.

Zou 03

Episode 757 covered 3 pages of Chapter 807. Those three pages took them thirteen minutes to cover.

Dressrosa 30

Luffy and Law reach Doflamingo in a timely manner in this episode.

Dressrosa 29

29 down, 19 more to go.

Zou 02

The climb up the elephant’s back doesn’t last half of the episode in this one.